11th National Children Competition 2020

Special Terms and condition for ESSAY competition participants

  1. Essay competitions – The winner will be the entrant whose essay, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates the highest creativity, clarity and originality of thought, and confident handling of the subject matter. When it comes to making the final decisions the judges are in their sole opinion to determine the final winners and under any circumstances if the Judges agreed that none of the entries are sufficient enough to merit the prize, then NO place or prize would be awarded.
  2. Essay competition – Entries must be the original work of the entrant and not previously published.
  3. Essay Competition – Applicant must write his/her essay on the competition day, within the allocated time deadline and without accessing to any previously published materials. The judges will be much strict and take careful consideration during the paper assessments. If any misuse has been identified, it would leads to disqualification and furthermore the applicant will be banned from all current/future competitions.

ESSAY Topics and descriptions for groups 2 and 3.

Magazine Reporting descriptions for Groups 4 and 5.

Group Essay Topic Detail Description
Group Two

School year 3 & 4

Number of words 

Between 300 – 400

Max 45 Min


  • Their contribution towards the establishment and spreading of Islam, specially based on three characteristics listed in detail column
  • Be prepared for both Khulafa mentioned in detail column but you will be informed which one to choose on the day of competition

Abubakr (ral):

  1. Generosity
  2. Softness (sabr)
  3. Shy (haya)

Umar (ral):

  1. Bravery
  2. Contribution to Islam
  3. Knowledge
Group Three

School year 5 & 6

Number of words

Between 400 – 500

Max 45 Min

Great Hadith Scholars

  • Candidates are expected to know about two Great Hadith Scholars, specially about these two imams to participate in this competition
  • Be prepared for both Imams mentioned in detail column but you will be informed which one to choose on the day of competition
Imam Shafi
Imam Hanafi
  • Life and contribution for science of hadeeth need to be discussed in the essay
Group Four & Five

Magazine Reporting

Max 45Min

 ‘watch video & then write’ – Magazine Reporting Competition You will be given a video clip similar to this clip (not these clips).

Sample : clip 1

Sample clip :2

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