Tafsir Al Quran Stage Competition

11th National Children Competition – 2020

Be prepared to deliver a tafsir for the following ayah from Al-Quran. (see marking criteria at the bottom of this page)

Group 2

3 – 5 Mins

Group 3

4 – 6 Mins

Special Term for Tafsir Al Quran competition participants

  1. Tafsir Al Quran competitors should prepare themselves in advance and present their explanation (tafsir) for the given Quran Ayah, facing and attending the audience during the competition, they will not be allowed to use any mobile phone, Laptop or any other electronic device.
  2. In order to maintain the natural standards and for a quick reference children in all groups should havesome key points in a bullet format on a small piece of paper in their hand during their performance, Judges or Examiners will check this piece of paper before each competitor starts his/her tafsir. These points can be as follows
  • Maximum of 7 bullet points
  • Bullets points should be written in English only
  • Each bullet line can have maximum of 5 words

Marking Criteria

1. Beginning: 5 marks 2. Introduction: 10 marks It should include Background of the surah or the verse, including reasons for revelation, if any 3. Explanation of the words of the surah or verse : 20 marks 4. Full explanation of surah or verse: 30 marks Including: I. Explanation of surah or verse using Quran or hadith or explanation of any commentators from the time of sahabas to modern times (total marks 10) II. Historical stories related to the surah or verse (10 marks). III. Explanation of any rulings related to the surah or verse if any. If none, then these marks can be equally divided into the above subsections (10 marks) 5. Order and clarity of explanation: 5 marks 6. Engaging audience: 5 marks 7. Body language: 5 marks 8. Eye contact: 5 marks 9. Conclusion: 10 marks Including: lessons learnt, personal significance, and relevance to modern times. 10. Ending: 5 marks
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