Tafsir Al Quran – Written Competition

11th National Children Competition – 2020

Be prepared to write tafsir for the following ayah from Al-Quran. You will be given 45 mins to complete this task.

You are strictly not allowed to have any materials during the competitions. You will be provided with the writing paper. Please bring your own Blue/Black pen only.

Write your Tafsir in English with any Quran reference in Arabic if required.

Marking Criteria

Explanation of the words of the surah or verse

  • Full explanation of surah or verse.
  • Explanation of surah or verse using Quran or hadith or explanation of any commentators from the time of sahabas to modern times
    • Historical stories related to the surah or verse
    • Explanation of any rulings related to the surah or verse if any
    • Order and clarity of explanation
  • Teachings from that surah or verse
  • Usage of specific words in that surah to your knowledge. Other similar words or verses appeared in the holy Quran
  • Any conclusion

Group 2

Number of words 

Between 300 – 400

Max 45 Min

Group 3

Number of words

Between 400 – 500

Max 45 Min

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