Oratory Competition
10th National Children Competition 2019

Special Term for Oratory competition participants

  1. Oratory competitors should prepare themselves in advance and present their speech facing and attending the audience during the competition, they will not be allowed to use any mobile phone, Laptop or any other electronic device.
  2. In order to maintain the natural standards and for a quick reference, children doing oratory competition may have some key points in a bullet format on a small piece of paper in their hand during their speech, Judges or Examiners will check this piece of paper before each competitor starts his/her speech, these points can be as follows
  • Maximum of 7 bullet points
  • Each bullet line can have maximum of 5 words
  • Bullet points can only contains English words
  • This script is purely to improve the structure of your speech delivery. Please use it appropriately.

Oratory Topics and Descriptions

Group 2:

Allah speaks through the quran saying to respect your parents. Speak on ‘Why should we respect our parents?’

4-6 Mins 

Speak about on ‘Why should we respect our parents?’

Group 3:

Allah says to explore the world and get connected to Allah.

 5-7 Mins

Speak about ‘How can we get connected to the creator by exploring the earth?’


Group 4:


Following the footsteps of the prophet is mercy to the world

 6-8 Mins

Speak about how can the mercy spread around the world by following our prophet’s guidance.


Group 5:


Our forefathers left a legacy by their achievements. ‘My strategy to leave a legacy for generations to come’

7-9 Mins 

Speak in context of your preparations towards achieving the highs to leave a legacy for the generations to come.



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