National Children Competition – UK

Special Terms and condition for Young Muslim Talent participants

  1. This competition will be held in the Phase 3 ONLY (Not in regions)
  2. Only 20 participants will be taken on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis
  3. Maximum duration 5 Minutes, no minimum time limit
  4. The performance should not be similar to the other competitions. (Calligraphy, Essay, Poem, Dua, Qirath, Oratory, Qaseeda, Nasheed)
  5. NASHEEDHS will NOT be accepted for YMT
  6. All the performance should be within the boundaries of Islam.
  7. Previous Years YMT Performance will not be allowed this year by same Competitor.

The objective of this competition is to bring out the young talents in our society, and by the term “Young Muslim Talent” we mean special/outstanding talents.

We haven’t outlined any other specifications as almost all the submissions are unique or different to others, so when you register in the relevant area of the application form please describe the talent which you want to perform, upon receipt of your application the selection committee will asses and get back to you whether your application is accepted or rejected. Final decision will be at the discretion of the selecting team.

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