National Children Competition


And those who say, “Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.”

Al-Furqan 25:74

Children are our future. Joy of our eyes. In our efforts to lay a strong foundation to build a just and balanced society we try to bring hidden young talent to the wider British society and help them to get a better platform to develop further.

All our competitions are aimed to promote highly valued skills among the children, which leads the kids to think “outside the box” and to motivate outstanding presentation skills in both written and verbally.

We are trying to achieve this via continuously refining competitions. All our competitions are designed to monitor not only their subject level expertise but also to identify the way of presentation. Alhamdulillah, we are witnessing the improvements among them.

Little History:

The NCC, rooted in humble beginnings, has flourished in to an annual event which now attracts participants from across the country. The competition comprises of judging skillful Quranic recitation, melodious poetry recitals and creative essay writing. It also harbours an oratory competition, for the innate and aspirational public speakers, and a TV broadcasting competition to tease out the journalists in our midst. But of these, the Young Muslim Talent competition appears to be a particular favourite among its participants and spectators; opening up a platform for young people to showcase their individuality and tact. This year’s competition, which took shape at the University of Bedfordshire, saw contributions varying from sugar paste sculpting to stand up comedy to solving a rubik’s cube in record time!

NCC UK’s belief in the importance of shaping productive, confident and competent individuals is certainly reflective in the diversity of their competition agenda.

Following quite a momentous competition, the final awarding ceremony took place at Barnfield South Academy. Enthusiastic young ladies and gentlemen, rather refreshingly, hosted the event. And to revive the occasionally bushed audience, entertainment was oft provided. Amongst other honourable guests, the occasion was met by Mr Kelvin Hopkins, Luton North MP, and Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom, director at World Muslim League’s London Office. This successful commemoration of young spirit was topped of with the launch of ‘Aplomb’. A magazine detailing information about the NCC, ornamented with essays written by flourishing young writers.

All in all, NCC’s final awarding ceremony echoed that in their efforts to empower the youth of today, NCC UK continues to be a promising platform

Come and support us. Lets empower our children together. Lets Build the Confidence in Growing Children.

NCC Team

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